Veterinary Services


Our team has a strong foundation in providing health management services to livestock operations. We provide emergency services to treat and manage sick animals, but also provide a full range of preventative services including protocol development, production consultation and outbreak investigations.


Our veterinary team provides timely farm visits, including same day visits for Southern and Central Ontario and regular scheduled visits to Eastern and Northern Ontario.


Livestock operators need quicker more reliable access to veterinary input, and at Metzger Vet we offer immediate and reliable methods for consultation. We have 24 hours access to veterinarians by phone and can receive photos and videos for greater accessibility.


Processing Services


We have a dedicated cattle processing division at Metzger Vet which allows us to provide a more complete range of services to feedlot and cow-calf operations. We can preform vaccination, implanting, de-worming, weighing and administration of medications as prescribed by veterinarians. We can provide equipment and labour to assist in pregnancy checking, calf processing, and export certification. We have a mobile hydraulic straight chute equipped with weigh scales, a calf chute, two straight chutes and a mechanical straight chute with a tub. We also have an assortment of gates and RFID scanners.


Export Certification

We are equipped and certified to export beef cattle to the US for feeding, breeding or slaughter, as well as to Mexico for breeding. We can provide export services for swine to US and Mexico for feeding and breeding, as well as provide regulatory services for Boar Studs in Ontario. We can also assist in exporting sheep and goats to the US for slaughter.

We are experienced and able to assist in the process of importing cattle from US to be fed in Canada.


Medication and Supply Services


Metzger Veterinary Services offers a complete line of animal health products including vaccines and medications. Our goal is to provide a competitive and reliable pharmacy service. With our fleet of vehicles and drivers we offer same day delivery services to Southern and Central Ontario as well as a frequent scheduled delivery service to Eastern and Northern Ontario. We also offer emergency delivery services. Courier services are available for those more remote operations.

We also provide feed grade medications for those operations mixing their own feed on farm. We can deliver single bags and skid lots.

Our deliveries and pharmacy management are operated with consideration of strict biosecurity and quality control.

Orders can be received by phone, email, or fax.


North East Linwood Veterinary Services


We also provide swine veterinary services to pig farms in Ontario. This service is offered through our second clinic North East Linwood Vet Services. We offer health management and production consultation, complete pharmacy services as well as regulatory services including export and CQA certification.